Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update • March 28, 2009

The new concept for Zuda is moving along at a slow and steady pace. Mike is getting his master's degree so he's busy with school and I'm almost done recording my new album so 100% focus will go into our comic once we each accomplish our current goals.

More news on the album's progress coming soon!


JimShelley said...

It's takes a while to get a zuda project going, doesn't it? It's only 8 pages, but damn if you can't hit a speed bump at every corner!

Neutron Comics said...

Hey Jim.

Yeah it does take quite some time to get to the final stage of a Zuda submission and we're only at the concept stage right now. Mike and I are both busy with other projects that we need to get done before we can really dig into our submission. Mike's getting his Masters and I'm recording my new album so neither of us have the time to go full steam ahead with Zuda yet.

I'll definitely keep everyone posted on our progress here once we begin!

Thanks for your comment!